Agriturismo La Pulledraia del Podere Montegrappa

Tuscany Farmhouse

In recent years farmhouse holidays in Tuscany have truly become trendy. However, why and how did farmhouse holidays develop in Tuscany? At the end of the eighties many agricultural operators decided to begin generating revenue from renting apartments and rooms in addition to the increasingly dwindling income derived from agriculture.
These operators restructured their farms, turning them into rooms or apartments for tourists searching for relaxing holidays, or simply holidays in the countryside in contact with nature.

Therefore, agritourism in Tuscany permitted the development of a tourism economy that was additional to an agricultural economy, thereby contributing to preserving natural environments that were inexorably destined to be subject to degradation because of the movement of people from the countryside consequential to a reduction in agricultural revenue.
These kinds of holidays permit visits to the most important art cities in Tuscany, such as Florence, Siena, Pisa and Grosseto, but also to become immersed in the uncontaminated nature of natural oases or parks such as the Maremma Park in Grosseto.
Agritourism guests often wish to do more than just visit Tuscan cities and villages; they wish to experience a slower and more relaxing way of life and once again taste food they first tasted in their childhood, in times when mothers and grandmothers had enough time to dedicate themselves to cooking.

In fact, in agritourism with pool enterprises you can still taste typical dishes belonging to Tuscan tradition, cooked using ingredients from the farms such as wine, extra virgin olive oil, as well as vinsanto (dessert wine), jam, vegetables and sauces, eggs, chicken, rabbit, lamb, and much more. It is also often possible to purchase these products. In recent years agritourism in Tuscany has changed as a response to increasing demand and the need to satisfy the needs of an increasingly large number of tourists.
In fact, nowadays rural houses have been transformed into comfortable residences with swimming pools, where the rooms and apartments have central heating and air conditioning.

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