Agriturismo La Pulledraia del Podere Montegrappa


A stay at La Pulledraia wants to be a return to the rhythms and flavors of an ancient time has almost disappeared, when families gathered for a party in the home of their grandparents. But it was not party without the lunch party, made up of odors and flavors forthright. Vegetables, meats, sauces, sweets; everything with his taste and odor. From all this we still do.
We do this first for our family every year is always busy preparing preserved to be consumed during the year: olive oil, wine, jams, honey, tomato sauce, pickles. We do so willingly or even for those who come back to visit us. The ‘we practice organic farming in 10 hectares we grow means no chemical fertilizers and herbicides but also the choice of the most appropriate cultivation techniques (crop rotation, organic fertilization, cultivation of three years of alfalfa – to give organic nitrogen to the soil ) and seeds that have the best organoleptic qualities and are best suited to our land